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Intersky Precision Aerospace is recognized internationally as an industry leading aerospace equipment maintenance, repair, and overhaul company, specializing in component , actuation, instrumentation, and accessory maintenance. We are far more than a repair company. Intersky Precision Aerospace provides engineered solutions to meet your unique and specific needs, and we do it better and more efficiently than anyone in the industry. We pride ourselves on our engineering expertise, capabilities, technology, and most importantly our ability to listen to our customers and solve their problems.

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Intersky Precision Aerospace works with leaders in the Aerospace industry. We strive to deliver solutions on time every time. Join our list of high profile clients who will never settle for less. 

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David Caudillo:

VP of Sales and Business Development



Scott Tomlinson:

Sales/Account   Manager


+1 901 366 6900 Ext 112

Rhea Lawton

Customer Service Manager


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Ariel Hudson:

Customer Service Representative


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Misha  Blackmon:

Customer Service Representative


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